State v. Jonathan David Robbins

A Montgomery County jury found Jonathan Robbins guilty on several financial crimes charges, prosecutors said. He took $1.8 million over the course of several years from 91 year old victim Helen Nutt. Courtesy of News's Darcy Spencer reports.



Montgomery Co. State's Attorney turns attention to equity in criminal justice system

The study will be conducted by outside researchers from Florida International University and University of Maryland. Courtesy of Shennekia Grimshaw - LocalDVM News.



State's Attorney John McCarthy Joins Task Force to Hold Carjackers Accountable

Federal and local prosecutors are coming together to keep carjacking offenders in the D.C. area accountable. Carjackings are on the rise in the area, causing dangerous conditions for all drivers. Many offenders drive stolen cars across jurisdictional lines hoping to avoid punishment. Courtesy of Tracee Wilkins - NBC 4 News Washington.



Prosecutors charge FBI agent in shooting of homeless panhandler on Metro train

A six-month investigation of a shooting by an FBI agent on a Red Line train leads to attempted murder and reckless endangerment charges in wounding of a panhandler. Courtesy of


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